Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bring Me To Life excerpt--Rain

Another snippet from BRING ME TO LIFE. This is possibly my favorite scene in the book. Nothing more romantic than rain and sexy times.

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Thunder boomed around us. The rain poured even harder, at times stinging my bare arms. I welcomed it. I hadn’t meant to make him feel less than human. Curiosity had gotten the better of me. Survival first. Always first. He couldn’t stay angry with me.
“Anson, how rotted are you?”
He ran a hand through his hair. “Not sure. Think none.” I smiled. Things could happen the way I expected.
“That’s good. You’re a total babe, after all.”
His brows furrowed. “Babe? Humans say babe. Child?”
I could have face-palmed. I knew damn well he had little knowledge of humans and what he did was through conversations from the pit. I doubted people were talking about how sexy one another were. “No, I mean you’re hot.” I winced. “I mean handsome.”
“Oh. Woman said Max was…once. She try to…flatter. Escape.”
At least he knew what I was talking about. It would make this so much easier.
Setting the fish on the table, I strolled to him, shaking my hips. His eyes focused on how I moved my body, and his cheeks darkened. Oh yeah, he was still a man.
And I didn’t know how to flirt.
“Very handsome.” I placed my index finger on his chest and traced circles. He swallowed hard, and that wasn’t the only thing hard. I smiled at him and took a deep breath. This was something I had to do. Survival, I told myself.
My hand traveled down to his stomach where I felt him inhale. His body trembled under my touch, or was that me? Maybe both.
“I hope you’re not rotted anywhere. Especially here.” I drifted my hand over his lower
abdomen. “Or here.” With a deep breath, I reached for his cock.
He pulled back, his eyes hooded, his body shaking. “What you doing?”
“You wanted to remember your past. As sexy as you are, I’d bet you had a girlfriend or
Anson stilled as I touched him again. I slipped my hand under his pants and beyond his
boxers. His cock was swollen and twitched under my grasp. I stroked its length slowly. I was
really doing this. Jerking off a zombie. Not my finest moment. But when my pussy tightened,
began aching for him, I stopped. This wasn’t supposed to happen. This was supposed to be a ploy to get him to like me. It wasn’t meant for my body to feel the same way.
Now was not the time to get turned on. I pumped his dick in my hand. He groaned, but
not the typical zombie way. No, it was purely lust-driven. My breathing quickened, my heart
racing. My core became hot, and I could feel myself getting wet for him.
Anson pulled back again. He removed my hand from his cock and placed it on his heart. “It beat faster. Why?”
It was pounding. “It’s okay. You’re okay. You’re just getting excited.”
He touched his hand to my cheek. “I seen humans hug and…press lips. Why?”
His hand was so warm on my skin. Comforting, gentle. Real. “To show affection. To show care.”
Anson didn’t say anything. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and hugged me.
At first I wanted to step away from him. I couldn’t trust him not to bite me. But something
about him and his innocence kept me to him. I slid my arms around his waist and held him.
When was the last time I’d hugged someone? Sure, I’d protected others by embracing them,
like when I’d made Ivory feel better in the pit, but hugged? Not since my father. A mass of
tension left me.
“Feel good.” He brushed his hand over my hair.
I closed my eyes. This was right. The rain covering us, the thunder playing like music. I could stay here forever.
“I press my…lips to yours.”
Anson pulled back and looked into my eyes. His blues now dark and filled with passion. Their intensity had my breath hitching. I leaned in. Our mouths were only an inch apart, his warmth covering me. My body tingled for him, needing his hands all over me. I brushed my nose across his and almost shattered. Being so close to him was dangerous, but I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to.
He pressed his forehead to mine and grunted. I sighed, knowing it was over. He couldn’t kiss me. His mouth…
Fucking hell. “Sorry,” I whispered.
“I sorry too.”
We stayed that way for a second, yet an eternity.
Loud thunder broke us apart. It was for the best. I had a job to do to keep the status quo, I told myself. Maybe if I said it enough I’d start believing it.

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