Monday, July 27, 2015

Man Candy Monday

Today’s hottie is Nicholas Hoult

Seriously one of the best British accents, when those Jaguar commercials come on, stop the press! On top of that, he's really tall (6'3"), has a good body type, and is just classically good looking.

What do you think about this week’s hottie?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Ice Cream Brings All The Boys To The Yard....Blog Hope

Welcome to the My Ice Cream Brings All The Boys To The Yard blog hop!
This is the first of hopefully many hops, introducing you to some names you know, and some you don't.
Go through the list, and find out what your favorite authors think about their characters! Are they Vanilla? Or Chocolate Peanut Butter?
Get your spoon and get stuck in!!

So, of course I'm featuring Anson from Bring Me to Life. What flavor would I say describes Anson? Well, he's a zombie so there's a lot that fit. But the one that seems like the best is Red Velvet!

Why red velvet? When I think of it, I picture passion. There's something about it that just screams it. The color is pure romantic, like Anson. I mean, seriously, what zombie is a hopeless romantic? Red velvet has such a sweet flavor, but not too sweet. That's like Anson to me. He'll do anything for Lyric, but when she gets out of line (I won't spoil that part) he doesn't take it. That hint of chocolate in red velvet is a classic, and let's face it, zombies are classic.

And, of course, red velvet is popping up in everything these days. Not just in cupcakes. I've seen them in ice cream, fruity drinks, candy, donuts... The list is growing. And I think zombies as love interest is something that needs to explode.

So Anson is my red velvet.

Since I am number six on the list, check out number seven, Thianna Durston, and the others here.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Man Candy Monday

Welcome to Monday! Know what that means? Yep, #mcm

Today’s hottie is Nicolas Cage. Because it's Nicolas cage!

He may be a bit crazy, but the man can act. If anything else, he's always Nic Cage. He has an amazing eyebrow raise, and his voice is almost perfection. I can forgive the thinning hairline in the name of seeing him Leaving Las Vegas again.

What do you think about this week’s hottie?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bad Google research

Some writer friends and I were discussing our research. Something came to mind. How the hell haven’t I been arrested yet? I’ve literally searched some things that no man ever should. The FBI is probably watching my house closely.
A few years ago I was writing an assassin romance. I Googled bombs, guns, weapons… You name it. It truly was in the name of a book, but looking back, wow, that was hardcore. Or for my other pen name, I’ve Googled how far a knife can enter a skull before it kills.
Some writer friends have said they’ve researched ways to murder, ways to hide a murder, ways to dissolve bodies. It makes you wonder if we’re not being watched. And if we are, if the cops come busting in, can I show them my manuscript to get me out of jail?
That would be front page news: Local woman gets 8 years in prison for researching novel.
Have you ever Googled something you know would get you in trouble? Maybe not with the cops, but with your boss, parents, spouse? Brave enough to share?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Man Candy Monday

Welcome to Monday! Know what that means? Yep, #mcm
Today’s hottie is Clark Gable. He has such a smooth voice... The panty-dropping kind.

I'll be the first to admit that I haven't seen many of his movies. One, which I can't remember, and of course, Gone With The Wind. He's got the smooth thing down, looks amazing in a suit, and his smirk is dead sexy.

What do you think about this week’s hottie?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The dangers of Google

As I write these blog posts, I like to include pictures. they're fun, right?

Can i just say that Googling some things is dangerous? One thing I learned to never search? Asian women. Trust me, it's porn central. Submissive women is another bad one.

I can't say that I take much enjoy in looking for something innocent, say an Asian woman who could be a nurse in Bring, and get everything I never wanted.

When I was still in elementary school and the internet was fairly new, I had to do a report on the 2000 election. I went to Innocently thinking I would get political stuff, not so much. I have no idea what that site is today, nor do I want to know. That scarred me in ways brain bleach can't help.

Just remember kids, keep those filters on for the young ones. They don't really need to know all that just yet.

What's the one thing you've Googled and gotten some interesting options? Were you in public or at work? What are you afraid to Google?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Man Candy Monday

Welcome to Monday! 

Know what that means? Yep, #mcm

Today’s hottie is Jayy Von Monroe, singer in Blood on the Dance Floor. He may be gay, but I'm still dreamin'

I'm a sucker for his tattoos, which are plentiful. He has one of the best screaming voices, and his singing voice is panty-melting. He also does drag on the side, and he's a gorgeous woman. 

Bonus points because I got to feel his arm up at a concert. Those muscles!

What do you think about this week’s hottie?