Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Ice Cream Brings All The Boys To The Yard....Blog Hope

Welcome to the My Ice Cream Brings All The Boys To The Yard blog hop!
This is the first of hopefully many hops, introducing you to some names you know, and some you don't.
Go through the list, and find out what your favorite authors think about their characters! Are they Vanilla? Or Chocolate Peanut Butter?
Get your spoon and get stuck in!!

So, of course I'm featuring Anson from Bring Me to Life. What flavor would I say describes Anson? Well, he's a zombie so there's a lot that fit. But the one that seems like the best is Red Velvet!

Why red velvet? When I think of it, I picture passion. There's something about it that just screams it. The color is pure romantic, like Anson. I mean, seriously, what zombie is a hopeless romantic? Red velvet has such a sweet flavor, but not too sweet. That's like Anson to me. He'll do anything for Lyric, but when she gets out of line (I won't spoil that part) he doesn't take it. That hint of chocolate in red velvet is a classic, and let's face it, zombies are classic.

And, of course, red velvet is popping up in everything these days. Not just in cupcakes. I've seen them in ice cream, fruity drinks, candy, donuts... The list is growing. And I think zombies as love interest is something that needs to explode.

So Anson is my red velvet.

Since I am number six on the list, check out number seven, Thianna Durston, and the others here.


  1. A zombie with attitude...awesome!

  2. It also fits that it's red, like blood :P
    Anson sounds bangin' :D

  3. I think the flavor fits because I instantly thought of brains and blood.

    Thanks for joining the hop!