Thursday, July 9, 2015

The dangers of Google

As I write these blog posts, I like to include pictures. they're fun, right?

Can i just say that Googling some things is dangerous? One thing I learned to never search? Asian women. Trust me, it's porn central. Submissive women is another bad one.

I can't say that I take much enjoy in looking for something innocent, say an Asian woman who could be a nurse in Bring, and get everything I never wanted.

When I was still in elementary school and the internet was fairly new, I had to do a report on the 2000 election. I went to Innocently thinking I would get political stuff, not so much. I have no idea what that site is today, nor do I want to know. That scarred me in ways brain bleach can't help.

Just remember kids, keep those filters on for the young ones. They don't really need to know all that just yet.

What's the one thing you've Googled and gotten some interesting options? Were you in public or at work? What are you afraid to Google?

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