Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bad Google research

Some writer friends and I were discussing our research. Something came to mind. How the hell haven’t I been arrested yet? I’ve literally searched some things that no man ever should. The FBI is probably watching my house closely.
A few years ago I was writing an assassin romance. I Googled bombs, guns, weapons… You name it. It truly was in the name of a book, but looking back, wow, that was hardcore. Or for my other pen name, I’ve Googled how far a knife can enter a skull before it kills.
Some writer friends have said they’ve researched ways to murder, ways to hide a murder, ways to dissolve bodies. It makes you wonder if we’re not being watched. And if we are, if the cops come busting in, can I show them my manuscript to get me out of jail?
That would be front page news: Local woman gets 8 years in prison for researching novel.
Have you ever Googled something you know would get you in trouble? Maybe not with the cops, but with your boss, parents, spouse? Brave enough to share?

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