Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bring Me To Life excerpt--The decision

Here's a quick excerpt from BRING ME TO LIFE. This is when Anson and Lyric decide working together may be beneficial.

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Luke led the way back to where we kept the humans. A servant opened the door for us, and we trudged in. As expected, the humans moved away from us. The fear consumed them. I searched each of them. Eyes wide, tears falling, one woman throwing up. Yes, the same reaction we garnered every time.
But when my gaze fell on that younger woman, she lifted her chin. Her shoulders moved back, one foot stepped in front of the other. She was ready to attack. It was all I’d hoped for.
Luke elbowed me. “You know which…one you want?”
Should I act like I needed to think it over? Or if I pointed her out right away would Luke suspect something? He wasn’t the smartest Remnant, but he also picked up on small details. Details Max could find out about. Details that Max would find inconvenient and kill her for.
I groaned, pretending to examine our prey. But I never stopped looking at her. Nor did her demeanor change. After a moment I gestured to her.
Luke smiled. He glanced over the humans and pointed to the other three new ones.
They shook their heads as tears dripped down their cheeks.
He cleared his throat. “We will teach…you how to live.”
My woman took a step closer. Her mouth opened and closed several times, and just when I thought she was going to back down, she asked, “Is this a trick? Or are you hoping that we’ll become your minions?”
For the first time in my new life, I chuckled. Too bad it came out sounding awkward in so many ways. But she was the perfect fighter. If anyone could bring back my memories, it was her. I always imagined that I had to have been turned while fighting. If I could connect with her, surely more fragments would come back.
Luke said to her, “No. We need your…help to keep others healthy.”
I looked at Luke. His frown was proof that he wasn’t amused.
He said, “Help others. Prepare them food.”
Her chest moved as she inhaled deeply. It didn’t take much to see the phantom thoughts working through her mind. Her stare fell on me, and she grinned.
She pointed to me. “Only if I get to work with him.”

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