Thursday, June 25, 2015

Erotica has changed... Or has it?

I recently saw a discussion about how erotica has changed over time. I will admit that I haven’t read any erotica from before my time (I was born in ’87). I have had the pleasure of reading some of those Hustler articles (was it Hustler? Playboy? Help me out here). Those were interesting. And basic porn.
A classic term is “Bodice ripper” which is kind of what it sounds like. The man just has his way with the woman. Back in the day people called this “dub-con” or dubious consent. Like I said, I haven’t actually read these books, but some have quoted them. There have been some really loose terms for dub-con. And some were just rape, but because the woman was married to the man is didn’t count.
It seems like the more mainstream fiction from back in the day had men taking control. Now, I realize there was probably plenty of Femdom too, but like I said, mainstream. 

I like that things are so much more balanced these days. Women have the power in fiction. Is it because women today are in much more power than 10 years ago, 20, 50? If rumors are correct, we’ll have a woman running for presidency in 2016. Has our society shaped fiction and allowed women stronger roles, or has women always had this power and there’s just much more fiction around now?
Do you like strong women who control the men, or do you prefer a woman who is more submissive. Note: submissive does not mean weak. Some submissives are stronger than their Doms.
Any books from decades ago that you’ve read and cringed about? Or maybe there was a golden piece of erotica that can stand the test of time?

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