Thursday, June 18, 2015

Definition of sexy?

The question comes up often: What is sexy?
Traditionally, people answer abs, boobs, muscles. But what else is? Think of your significant other, or someone who know and find attractive. Yes, they might be physically attractive, but what else? A smile? Maybe he tells funny jokes. Or she helps the elderly.
Anything can be sexy. I’m in the camp that believes the physical hooks you in, makes you pay attention, but age takes that. Chris Hemsworth is a god now, but in forty years? I’m not sure he’ll have the same body (although I’ll love to see what he does look like). Things change. Those abs you love to run your hand down? What if they put on weight? Those muscles? What if he quits exercising? That smile? What if she loses a tooth or two?
While looking at what someone is physically, nothing is sexier than how they intrigue you mentally. Personalities change, yes, but senses of humor usually don’t. Good conversations are more refreshing than eye candy. Relationships need to be built on what’s in the heart simply because not everyone stays beautiful.
Personally, nothing is sexier than a good laugh. If a man has jokes that make me laugh so hard that I cry, he’s a keeper. Compassion is something else I love.
When I’m writing love stories, I try to include plenty of bonding time. I always think “The sex is great, but what do they do when she’s on her period? Or what if she’s not in the mood? Do they even have casual conversations?” Lasting relationships are grounded. Anyone who has ever been in a long-term relationship knows there’s plenty of ups and downs, sometimes way more downs than ups. Perfect abs won’t get you through that.
So what is sexy to you?

Or this?

Or Jason’s accent?

What do you find unappealing?
What kind of man or woman would you build if you could?

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