Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cover Reveal!

First, thank you for stopping by. My name is August Kert. My debut novel, Bring Me To Life, is coming out in August—no correlation with my name—with Samhain publishing.

A little bit about myself. I’m twenty-seven, live in Ohio (yuck!) and have been married for eight years. I have four pets, zero children, and used to be a hair stylist.

Now that the technicals are out of the way, we can get down to business. I hope you’ve stooped by because either you’ve heard of my book, or just me in general. In Bring Me To Life, the apocalypse started twelve years ago. My heroine, Lyric, has spent half her life running from zombies. She’s learned how to kill them and is really good at it. As you can imagine, she’s lost a lot over the years. Lyric has trouble accepting people because she’s afraid of losing more. My hero, Anson, is a zombie. When the virus turned him, he lost his memories and desires. It left him with one hell of an appetite. He’s fascinated by humans and how easy he believes their lives are. They don’t live by their stomachs like he has to. They can move freely—he’s a bit slow.

And yes, this is an erotic romance, so there is sex between Lyric and Anson. Before you get all squeamish, he’s not full-on rotting, so nothing falls off. It sounds like a fun idea but I wouldn’t do that to these characters.
Here’s the cover in all its deliciousness, and the blurb. 

Plan to survive: befriend a monster. Not in the plan: falling in love with him.
As one of the few humans left alive, Lyric knows a hundred different ways to survive—none of them pretty. Anything to stay out of the “farms” where the not-so-mindless zombies keep humans they eat to prevent themselves from rotting.

But humans have to eat too. While foraging for food, she’s captured and taken to a farm. Her fate seems sealed—until she notices one of the zombies watching her with a different kind of hunger in his eyes.

Anson clings to the hope that he can somehow overcome the disease that turned him into a cannibal. Lyric stirs needs and desires he’s forgotten he had, and her fighting spirit brings back the ragged edge of a past that long ago slipped from his memory.

When Anson offers moments of freedom in exchange for her help, Lyric grabs the chance to survive. She never thought her emotions would cast a very different light on the monster…or that desire would complicate her plan to escape.

Warning: Contains a hopeless romantic zombie trying to find his humanity, and a plucky heroine desperate for a way out—even if it’s down a zombie’s pants. Not for the faint of heart…or the squeamish. Let’s just say kissing is off the menu.

If this sounds like your kind of book, awesome! If not, I still hope you stop by again. I’ll be posting my kind of hotties on Mondays, and posts on Thursdays that will involve romance, passions, anime (I’m a huge fan), or just something that strikes me that week. Please come by again. I’ll have Bring’s links once I have them.

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